Workout Tip: Squeeze Exercise in a Busy Schedule

Let’s face it, we are all way too busy these days. Many of us are working long hours, and we also tend to have a lot of family and personal obligations and activities. We often find ourselves trying to decide between a number of things that are competing for our time. Unfortunately, one task that can often get pushed off to the side is exercise.

An important priority

We probably don’t need to remind you about why exercise must be high up on your priority list. But just because you know exercise is important doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to fit it into your cramped schedule when there are so many other things putting demands on your time. However, you do need to make your strongest effort to move this up on the to-do list. Few things are more important than your health, so you may need to be a bit assertive about reminding people that you cannot sacrifice workout time for other less important things.

Be creative

Wanting to make time for exercise and actually making room for it in a cramped schedule are two different things. You may need to be creative and look for innovative approaches to squeezing in even just an abbreviated workout. Spending a few minutes on a quick routine while the kids are doing homework or perhaps even while you are on hold during a conference call might be an option. You may even be able to keep a small set of dumbbells near the television and whip through some quick reps during commercials if you are really short on time. While this may not always be ideal, even a compressed workout is still better than no workout at all.

Of course, you also need to figure out what works best for your own natural rhythms and your household routine. Many people find it works best to get their workout done first thing in the morning. If you have a home gym setup, that can make it easier to workout in peace and quiet before the rest of the household is up and moving around.

It is much easier to make room in your schedule for a workout if your fitness equipment is easily accessible. That’s one big advantage of having your own home gym.

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