Workout Tip: Ensure Proper Recovery

Do your workout plans also ensure proper recovery?

When thinking about ways to maximize a workout, many people will often spend a lot of time coming up with strategies for the best ways to prepare. They will carefully plan their choices of what to eat or drink prior to their workout, and possibly devote sufficient time to rest and stretching.

They will then of course also devote considerable thought and planning to exactly what they will do during their workout itself. Both of these are important parts of the workout process, of course. But then people often drop the ball by ending the process there, without sufficient planning into how they will recover after their workout.

Recovery is important

For a smart and effective workout, you must make all three parts of the process a priority. This means you must think about what you should do before, during and after the workout.

Obviously, the pre-workout activities are important because you want to be in good condition to work out at your peak performance level. And the in-progress routine determines exactly what results you will get from your efforts.

Your post-exercise tactics won’t of course have any impact on the workout that preceded it, but they can have a major impact on the long-term results you get from it—and also will affect your ability to perform well in your subsequent workouts.

Post-workout moves

The specific post-exercise moves that are the best options for you will depend partly on the exact type of workout you have done. But in general, stretching is a good move following any type of workout. Gentle stretching provides a cooling off period to allow your muscles a chance to recover.

Hydration is also important, as is nutrition. Proteins, fruits and foods high in potassium are all often recommended by experts as great choices for the post-workout period. Fish oil may also be a wise choice, as it can help alleviate any swelling or soreness in muscles and joints.

Rest is a critical part of any post-workout recovery program. In addition to getting enough sleep, you also want to give your body sufficient “downtime” to recover from your previous workout before diving into another one. This means you can’t try to overdo it—in other words, avoid the temptation to over-train. Varying your workouts to focus on different muscle groups can also help give certain muscles a break and a chance to recover.

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