What to eat before and after a workout

Food is fuel. But, not only do you not want your body to turn fuel into fat, you also want to make sure you have the energy for your workouts. Here’s some tips for what to eat before and after a workout.

Before your workout:

Whole Wheat Toast with Banana and Cinnamon:

Before your exercise, carbs are your best friend. You want to mix up simple and complex carbs – simple ones for instant energy at the beginning of your workout, along with complex carbs to provide a slow-release of fuel during the course of your workout. Fruit gives you simple sugars for that “simple” carb, and whole wheat toast gives you the “complex” carbs. Bananas are perfect in raising potassium levels, which drop when you sweat a lot. For an added bonus, add a dash of cinnamon. The spice has been linked to stabilizing blood sugar and improving brain function.

Greek Yogurt & Trail Mix:

If you’re looking to do a long cardio regime, you need food that is easy on your stomach, while providing you with fuel. Choose a trail mix that is mostly nut and dried fruit (for that combination of complex and simple carbs again) – and the yogurt coats your stomach.

After your workout:

Grilled Chicken with Vegetables:

You’ve pressed yourself to the limit. Which means you’ve broken down some muscle to build it back up. Your body needs protein to rebuild and grow stronger with – and grilled chicken is a clean, lean way to do that. You also need additional nutrients – and grilled veggies with a splash of olive oil to gain a bit of post-workout energy while fueling your muscles as well.

Veggie Avocado Omlet:

Eggs are a great source of post-workout protein for muscle growth, and you’re also getting healthy, monosaturated fats, fiber, and carbs from the avocado. Plus, avocado is full of healthy antioxidants, as well as vitamins A, D, E, and K – essential nutrients for your post workout recovery!

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