Weight Loss Resolutions Not To Make

It’s a new year, and with that, come the inevitable weight loss resolutions. Here’s some resolutions regarding weight loss that you should avoid.

“I want to loose 20 pounds

Sounds like a great goal, right? Here’s the problem. If you’re looking to loose weight, it’s pretty easy to get discouraged – quickly – if you don’t start seeing results immediately. And even worse, if you set too high a goal, it’s even more discouraging if you set a goal of loosing 20 lbs., and after 2 weeks, only have lost maybe 2lbs. Instead, set a goal of loosing 1 lb. per week. It’s a much more attainable goal, and after a few months, you’ll have still lost the weight you wanted to get rid of. But, more importantly, it’s much easier to keep yourself on your diet and exercise program if all you need to do this week is loose 1 lb.

I’m going to try the ________ diet

Here’s a simple rule. As long as you burn more calories that you injest, you’ll loose weight. The specific diet isn’t important. What is important is this. First, like we’ve said above, lower your calories. Second is nutrition – you need to make sure the food you are eating is healthy, and full of major food groups. And third, it needs to have the proper balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. This means a good mix of produce, lean meats, and whole grains, in properly proportioned amounts, will accomplsih far more than the most recent fad diet will!

I’m not going to eat out any more

Yes, you’ll save money by cooking at home, and you’ll do a far better job of eating a healthy, balanced diet at home. But passing on spending time out to dinner with friends and family is no way to live. You’ll only get discouraged and stop dieting. What’s better is to eat a light, healhly snack prior to going out. Then, rather than diving in at the restaurant, start with a small salad, and have a light appetizer as your entree. You’ll still stay much closer to your diet, while enjoying eating out – and you’ll be far more likely not to fall off the wagon in terms of your diet.

I’m going to only juice cleanse

Don’t go far all-or-nothing choices for your post-holiday dieting. Do only a two day cleanse to jumpstart your weight loss plan, by replacing your breakfast and lunch with a juicing regime – but have a light (yet healthly) balanced mean for dinner, featuring lean protein like chicken for fish.

I’ll weigh myself every morning

Don’t do this. Don’t “chase the needle” on your scale. You’ll only get discouraged. With a good exercise program, you want to gain muscle. Muscle burns fat. And, pound for pound, muscle takes up less space than muscle. Plus, hormone changes and water retention means you could see a daily swing in your weight of up to 2 pounts. If your eating healthy, taking in less calories than you burn, and exercise – when your pants feel looser, then you know you’re on the right track. Yoiur scale is not the best guage!

Overall, your resolution should be to be healthy – and live a healthy lifestyle. As you progress in your exercise and diet program, if you’re feeling better, have more energy, and enjoy what your’e eating (and how your exercising) – you’ll progress far faster and turther than if you’re only focused on weight loss.

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