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Weight Loss: Kimberly Hulme

Transformation Update: 6th October 2022

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Kimberly Hulme. Here’s her story:

My name is Kimberly, and I had Gastric Sleeve surgery in October 2021, this is my life so far.

My pre-sleeve life was tough… I hated being out in public, I was embarrassed, and I felt shame. I could barely buy clothes because I was larger than the largest sizes! I was constantly thinking about my size, “will I fit in that chair?”, “Can I walk that distance?”. I didn’t wear make-up because I would sweat it off right away. I wasn’t living the life I wanted because of the weight.

I have been overweight my whole life as back as when I was a kid. In my adult life, I had tried every diet under the sun, and every exercise, but nothing worked for me. I felt defeated, and the kilos piled on. When I reached 174kgs, my family expressed concerns. My elderly father looked me in the eye and said “you can’t die before me.” That hit my soul. So, in a last attempt to live a full life, I booked an appointment at WLSA, and the journey began.

Since my surgery, 11 months on and I have lost nearly 50kgs – 174kgs to 126kgs! I know I still have a way to go, but I now know I’ll get there. My life has done a complete 180. I have self-love and pride that I have never felt before.

I can express myself with clothes because I have a choice. The day I walked into Kmart and picked something out of the “normal” section and it fit was something I had never done in my adult life – I cried. I can casually walk 5kms without skipping a breath. I’m sleeping better. My mental health is drastically more positive. I am finally living!

Throughout this whole process, the team at WLSA have been amazing. The information session before I booked my consultation was helpful, but also reassuring. The surgery was so smooth, aftercare has been invaluable with regular check-ins, and ad hoc calls when I felt the need.

Jen the dietitian has been amazing with all my diet questions! Every time I call the clinic, I am met with a friendly voice. It makes all the difference when you are going through something so personal. I am so happy I made the choice to call WLSA.

If you’re on the fence, jump off and do it. Take photos. Make the choice to live life.



Message from WLSA

Such positive energy Kimberly. Keep finding yourself and we can’t wait to see some new outfit pictures!

Felicity Cohen


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