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Weight Loss: Kimberly Hulme

This week, we celebrate the successful weight loss of Kimberly Hulme. Here’s her story:

“Throughout October, I walked 60kms to raise awareness and funds for Black Dog Institute, a cause I deeply care about. It made me reflect on all the changes this process has had on me. Not only physically, but mentally. I live with mental illness, a chronic condition, but since losing nearly 60kgs, I have been in remission. I can move my body now. Exercise for my disorder has the effect of taking antidepressants. I literally have my life back, in all ways. So, yeah, I guess this is just a thank you to WLSA, and a reminder to all to trust the process.”


Kimberly Hulme

Message from WLSA

We are so proud of your journey, Kimberly. Your strength and courage are an inspiration to many people who are also living with mental illness. Thank you for sharing your story.

Felicity Cohen


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