Ways to Build Bigger Biceps

Every guy wants bigger biceps. OK, maybe “The Arnold” isn’t that concerned about the size of his biceps, but otherwise, who doesn’t want to build bigger biceps? Seems pretty simple as well. Just do barbell curls until you pass out from exhaustion. Actually, there’s a better way. So, rather than limiting yourself, try these tips to build bigger biceps!

Tip #1: Check Your Grip – If you’re using a barbell to do your bicep curls, your grip on the bar can have a huge impact on how you grow and build your biceps. A standard, shoulder-width grip targets both the short (inner) head of your biceps, as well as the long (outer) head. Go wide with your grip and you hit more of the short head, narrow up your grip and you hit more of your long head of your biceps. Mix up your grip during your sets to target different parts of your biceps that you may not have hit up until now.

Tip #2: Add Hammer Curls to your workout – Hammer curls aren’t normally thought of as part of a bicep workout – they seem to be more of an add-on to target your forearms and brachiaclis. What you may not realize is that hammer curls hit the long head of your biceps extremely well!

Tip #3: Add an Exercise Band to your bicep training – Resistance bands add variable resistance to your workout – as your range of motion increases, so does the resistance. You don’t get this effect from using weights. As you curl more with a resistance band, the more muscle fibers in your biceps you need to use. In comparison, that last little bit of movement in your biceps when using weights actuall decreases the amount of fibers used to complete the movement once you get near the top of the movement. Adding a resistance band to your workouts helps get that last “little bit” that you normally don’t get out of your bicep workout.

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