The Best Fitness Equipment for Weight Loss

After having one too many trips to the local fast food drive-thru, we all get to that point where we feel we need to loose some weight, trim that waistline, and get back in shape. But, what’s the best way to do that? What is the best fitness equipment for weight loss?

The first thing to keep in mind, is that diet alone isn’t your best solution to not only loosing weight, but also keeping that weight from creeping back on. First, to loose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. The best way to burn calories is through aerobic exercise – the type that increases your heart rate. Many people like to go outside to exercise, as walking and running are popular cardio exercises that don’t require any equipment beyond a good pair of running shoes. But, with the heat in Phoenix, it’s not only more comfortable to exercise inside – but you’re more likely to exercise on a regular basis rather than avoiding workouts due to the heat. And, there are several fitness equipment options for you to choose from.


If you’re just looking to duplicate the feel of going for a walk or a jog without leaving home, a treadmill may be your best choice. The nice thing with a treadmill is you don’t have to worry about your safety on the streets, the weather, or the time of day – you can workout when it’s most convenient for you. You can find a basic treadmill that is pretty inexpensive. But, if you have bad knees, for example, you can find treadmills that feature orthopedic decks that are far easier on your joints than walking or running on the street, which may help you avoid injury. And, higher priced treadmills also feature upgraded consoles for more entertainment and feedback during your workout, as well as adjustable on-the-fly incline decks that allow you to simulate walking or running on hills, giving your workouts more variety.

Elliptical Trainers

Ellipticals have their own advantages. If running is difficult for you – if you have hip, knee, or back pain, running may not be comfortable for you. On an elliptical, you get a great lower body workout, just like you do with a treadmill – but, without the stress to your joints. And, unlike a treadmill – ellipticals are equipped with poles (similar to ski poles) – giving you an upper body workout as well! So, if you’re looking to avoid unnecessary stress to your joints, as well as getting a full body workout, an elliptical may be your best choice!

Lateral Trainers

Ellipticals have a fore & aft movement. If you’re looking to get a great workout, as well as tone your glues, hamstrings, and quads, an lateral trainer may be your best choice. On a lateral trainer, your legs move in a side-to-side circular movement, rather than fore & aft. Another great advantage of a lateral trainer is it takes up less room than an elliptical trainer – so if your home is pressed for space, a lateral trainer may work better for you!


If you’re on a limited budget, and you don’t have room for any of the above equipment, an exercise bike may be a good choice for your cardio workouts. There are three types of bikes – upright (which is like riding a regular bike), recumbent (which is good if an upright bike is too uncomfortable on your back) – and spin bikes. Upright and Recumbent bikes allow you to pedal like you would on a normal bicycle, and offer varying levels of resistance as well as consoles that allow to not only monitor your workouts, but also provide varying levels of entertainment on the higher priced models that can keep your workouts from getting boring. Spin bikes have a direct drive – so you can’t coast. These bikes are like the bikes you find in spin classes at your local gym, so if you’ve done spin classes before, a spin bike is a great cardio choice.

Rowing Machines

For a great, low-impact, full-body workout, a rowing machine is a great piece of cardio equipment. You work large muscle groups in your lower and upper body – helping to burn calories fast! A rowing machine is a great machine for burning calories in a short period of time. And, some models can be folded up and stored away – great for apartments and smaller workout rooms.

Want to find the best cardio machine for weight loss? Stop into any of Fitness 4 Home Superstore’s three Phoenix locations. We have a full selection of treadmills, ellipticals, lateral trainers, bikes, rowers and more – and you’re welcome to try any of them out to see which type of equipment will work best for your weight loss and exercise needs.

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