Mixing Cardio and Strength Training In Your Workouts

You’ve noticed throughout our blog postings that we are a huge proponent of mixing cardio and strength training. But, how do you mix these different training programs in a way that works for your workouts? How often should you strength train? When should you schedule recovery days into your routine?

What makes things more confusing is you have to try to create a mix that not only works for your overall fitness program, but also fits into your work and family schedules. The first rule is – the best training program is one that fits into your current lifestyle. And, that means not only an efficient training program, but one that also gives you quality workouts.

The best way to accomplish this is what is called “Concurrent Training. Some examples are sport-skill and endurance training, same-day conditioning and strength training, sport-skill and strength training, or speed and strength training.

There is research supporting concurrent training – like comparing aerobic training and strength training during one workout. A study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research doesn’t seem to have any negative impact on your body. So, on your leg day, if you combine strength training that day with some aerobic interval training (like running sprints), you’ve knocked out two types of training during one workout.

Then, the next day, you might want to do upper body strength training with a long run on your treadmill. If you try to set up your workouts so that you alternate upper vs. lower body, and speed vs. endurance training – you’ll keep from overtraining any one specific muscle group.

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