Hit Your Fitness Goals – Additional Ways to Stay Motivated

No matter your goal—lose weight, put on muscle mass, or establish healthy behaviors—you’re going to encounter some challenging days. On those tough days, you have a choice: You can either move forward, or you can quit. Unfortunately, most people choose the latter option. It’s not surprising that just three weeks into those healthy lifestyle changes, many of us lose our motivation, and revert back to our old, unhealthy lifestyle. And, by the summer months, January fitness goals have become a distant memory. Here’s some tips on how to stay motivated!

Take Pictures!

Nearly everybody these days has a smartphone with camera. By taking weekly photos, you can not only see your progress (which is positive motivation), but if you’re not seeing progress, it’s a sign you’re not working hard enough (which is bit of negative motivation). Since life gets busy, and it’s hard to see the progress you make just by looking in the mirror, taking photos along the way is a great way to keep yourself on track!

Hire a Trainer

It’s easy to make excuses for yourself. But if you’ve paid money, and made a commitment to a trainer to show up and workout, it’s much harder to talk yourself out of your workout! Plus, if you’re a beginner, it’s a bit overwhelming to understand the best way to train – and a certified fitness trainer can help you create a workout that is easy to understand, and easy to stay committed to!

Sign Up for a Fitness Challenge!

Goals are a great way to stay motivated, and what better goal than to drive yourself to get ready for a fitness challenge! Whether it’s a 5K run, a fitness challenge like “Body for Life” – having a challenge can help you get over any lack of motivation you might have.

Find a Workout Buddy

Knowing that your partner is depending on you to show up will make you think twice about skipping your workout. Having someone to hold you accountable could be just the motivation you need to finally achieve your fitness goals.

Create a Home Gym

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a home gym. But, investing some money into purchasing home gym equipment can be a great way to stick to your goals. Even if you have a crazy schedule, you can still find 20-30 minutes to train in your own home. And, to start, all you need for a complete session is a pair of dumbbells, an exercise mat, and possibly an exercise ball. If you really like training at home, and have the space, you can start building a more complete gym.

And, if you do want to create – or add to – a home gym, Fitness 4 Home Superstore can help. Find out how at at any of our 3 locations.

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