Gym Equipment Safety in the Home

Gym equipment is a fundamental staple of a healthy lifestyle routine for many people. However, this equipment won’t necessarily be all that great for your well-being if you don’t use it correctly. In fact, if you don’t practice proper safety techniques and habits, this equipment can actually be very hazardous to your health.

One advantage of having fitness equipment at home is that you know who is using it. So you can enforce proper safety and maintenance rules, and ensure that everyone knows how to use, store and maintain the equipment properly.

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing an equipment inspection on a very frequent basis. You want to look over the equipment and check for any signs of damage or wear. Be on the lookout for chips, cracks and splits (in the case of cables and wires, watch for tears or fraying). Check to see that any safety clamps, clips or other features are all in place and working correctly.

You also want to make sure your equipment and any plugs, wires or accessories are positioned in a way that doesn’t present a tripping hazard. For motorized equipment, make sure that all belts are running smoothly without disruption or wear, and that the motor isn’t making any unusual noises.

A big part of fitness equipment safety is using the items properly. Resist the temptation to skip over the instruction manual, as it often contains important safety information and warnings. If you buy your equipment at a store, ask the staff member to show you how to use the equipment correctly.

With certain equipment, especially those involving the lifting of heavy weights, it’s a good idea to enlist a workout buddy to serve as your spotter when needed.

One element of a fitness equipment safety regimen that might surprise you is cleaning. Sweat and dirt can damage or degrade various parts of the equipment, so it’s important to be diligent about cleaning the equipment after each use. As a bonus, while you are cleaning, this gives you a good opportunity to inspect the equipment and spot issues or developing problems before they get worse.

Should you spot any red flags or signs of disrepair, don’t take a chance. Have the equipment checked out by a qualified service technician before using it again.

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