Get Your New Year Exercise Program Off To A Great Start

Want to get your New Year off to a great start? Try this exercise program to get your muscles firing and heart pumping!

If your looking to get on the proper fitness path for success in 2020, it all depends on how you start the year. Getting active this first week of the year can really get you off to a cracking start to achieving your fitness and health goals this year. This workout won’t give you a six-pack in five minutes or turn your buns to steel. But it may just give you the positive start to the year you need.

Step 1. Jump in your pool – or an ice-cold shower! – this will clear your head, and enliven your senses!

Step 2. Go for a 20 minute walk – this will open up your lungs and get you focused as well as warm up your muscles a bit.

Step 3. Do five rounds of 15 step-ups on each leg and 10 triceps dips. Alternate between the two. This will get your muscle toning underway for the new year.

Step 4. Now go jogging for 10 minutes. – Get some cardio while working some of that lactic acid from Step 3 out of your legs.

Step 5. Find something like a bench to do step ups on. Do 20 step ups, then 20 push ups. – This will get your legs burning, while also working your chest and arms.

Step 6. Do another 10 minutes of jogging. – Final cardio to keep your heart rate up and burn calories.

Now, this is not the most complex workout. It’s meant to be easy, and give you a place to start. Once you start to get used to this workout, you’ll want to make it harder. You can do this by doing extra rounds of the exercises, and by jogging longer.

When even that becomes too easy, you may want to consider adding some fitness accessories to your workouts – or even exercise equipment. Stop into any of our 3 Phoenix area locations. Our team here at Fitness 4 Home Superstore would be happy to talk to you about what you’d like to accomplish with your workouts. So whether you want to improve your cardio workouts, or add a strength training component to them, we can help you find the equipment to accomplish that!

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