Diet Tips – Ways To Stay On Your Diet

Part of a healthy fitness-based lifestyle is your diet. But, as much as we all try to be loyal to eating healthy, it can be difficult at times. Here’s some diet tips to help you stay on your diet.

Drink plenty of water. Most people are chronically dehydrated – so for that reason alone, you should drink plenty of water. But, before you grab that next snack, try a bottle of water first. Sometimes we get thirst and hunger confused, so drinking water may help that feeling subside. And, even if you do have a snack, you’re likely to consume less than you would without drinking water first!

Do enjoy your favorite foods occasionally. If you cut out your favorite foods totally, you’ll hate your diet, and be more likely to make diet mistakes on a more regular basis. So, rather than totally removing your favorite cookies from your diet, for example, try allowing yourself one or two on a regular basis as a reward for “good diet behavior”.

Eat more often, but make them small meals. This can help not only keep hunger at bay, but also keep your energy levels up which can actually help your metabolism stay active! Studies show that those that eat 4-5 small meals per day control their appetite and weight better than those that eat 3 bigger meals per day.

Make sure you eat protein at every meal. Your body needs protein to build muscle (which speeds up your metabolism). And your body actually burns more calories processing protein than it does fat or carbs. Best yet – you feel fuller eating protein, which can help keep hunger at bay!

Add spices! Food with more flavor can help you feel satisfied, so you won’t eat as much.

Eat veggies instead of pasta. Less starch can mean 100-200 calories per meal if you replace pasta with vegetables. This can mean loosing a dress or pant size over the course of a year!

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