Best Tees and Gift Ideas: The Home T

My 9 year old is at the age where she’s really wanting to share clothes with me but isn’t quite big enough to do it. I think we’re probably closer than I’d like to admit, but still a little ways off.

Have you heard of The Home T? Maybe you saw them on Shark Tank? They have the best tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies that are insanely soft. They also give 10% of their profits to Multiple Sclerosis research.


Here’s what I love about them- the feel and weight of the sweatshirts are incredible, not too heavy or light and feels so soft with arms that are the perfect length. Short arms on long sleeves are the worst IMO. They also have the hands down best variety when it comes to messages. Check out their categories like sports, teachers, family, and holiday- you’ll see tons of options and tees for around $30 so they make perfect gifts.

My Be Kind sweatshirt that Harper is wearing is one that I wear a ton, and always am asked where it’s from. The Biggie one I’m wearing was from Mike for Christmas and also a regular in my rotation.

They also have a collection for each state featuring hoodies, hats, tees, and even onesies highlighting your home state. I wish Colorado wasn’t a boring rectangle, but their addition of the mountains really makes it work. How cute is this?


I think this will be my next purchase.

I love supporting small businesses and especially ones that give back. Check tout The Home T for gifts and really fun tees.

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