Benefits of a Vertical Climbers

There are a wide variety of cardio machines on the market, but one that you might not of heard much of, is the Vertical Climber. Unlike other pieces of cardio equipment, vertical climbers provide a full body, yet low-to-no impact workout. Here’s some of the top benefits of using a vertical climber for your cardio workouts.

Vertical Climbing Machine

Whole Body Training – With a vertical climber, you’ll find that your workouts train not only your legs, but also your core and upper body. You’ll stretch and tone muscles in all three parts of your body.

You Get a Full Cardio Workout – Unlike other cardio machines, vertical climbers provide both a cardio workout, as well as building muscle! And, thanks to the cardio workout aspects, you also build the most important muscle in your body – your heart. While working your entire body, the faster you “climb”, the more you raise your heart rate, providing a beneficial, full body cardio workout.

Vertical Climbing Workouts Burn Calories! – As vertical climbing workouts work your entire body, you’ll burn on average, 20% more calories than you will while using traditional cardio machines.

Vertical Climbing is Great for Weight Loss – When you combine cardio workouts with a healthy diet, that’s the perfect combination for weight loss. By burning more calories than you consume, taking in less calories while adding vertical climbing workouts to your routine can help you to loose weight!

You Get a Low Impact Workout – Unlike other types of cardio equipment, a vertical climber workout is very low impact. You’re using your legs and arms to climb, rather than having your body weight pounding your joints on a treadmill, for example.

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