Audiobooks Can Add a Bonus to Your Workout

If you often become bored or distracted during your workout or are seeking a way to stay motivated to stick with your routine, audiobooks might be the answer.

Audiobooks are perfect for multi-taskers because they let you accomplish something extra in the same period of time that you are devoting to your workout. If you love to read but can never seem to find the time, this is a great solution.

Lots of material available

One of the great things about audiobooks is that there is something for everyone, and every goal. For a motivational boost, try choosing audiobooks with a fitness or exercise slant, especially those written by people who had to overcome some sort of obstacle to achieve their fitness goals. Hearing their story will surely provide inspiration in helping you to keep going in pursuing your own goals. There are also plenty of audiobooks that take a more practical approach to exercise, by walking you through specific routines or providing tips on performing certain techniques or using certain types of equipment.

Of course, your listening material doesn’t need to have any sort of fitness connection at all. In fact, many people prefer to listen to something completely unrelated to exercise, something that just offers a good story that is interesting or engrossing enough to completely distract them from their workout.

In this case, your selections will depend on the type of reading (or in this case, listening) material that you enjoy. You certainly have plenty of options. The audiobook market seems to have exploded over the past few years, with this format becoming very popular with consumers. That’s due in large part to the tendency of people to listen to books while exercising or doing other activities that would make it tough for them to read a printed book at that time.

Convenient and accessible

Audiobooks are very convenient—chances are, you already have a device handy that can play them. They are most commonly found in MP3 format, which can be played by an iPod or similar portable music/media device. So you can set up your device just as you would normally when you listen to music during a workout. You can also use your iPad, laptop or some e-readers to listen to audiobooks.


Adding to the convenience factor, audiobooks are also very easy to find. Every major online bookseller has a wide inventory of audiobooks available. You can also download audiobooks from online services such as and even from your local library’s website. The price varies, but audiobooks are generally relatively inexpensive (and of course are free if you borrow them through a library).

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